Isaac Grinsdale

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Artist: Isaac Grinsdale
EP: Entertainment
Release Date: 12/11/2019

Having performed in numerous Rock and Hardcore bands over the years, Isaac's acoustic music is now the focal point of his musical endeavours. Inspired by artists ranging from Jimmy Eat World to Radiohead, it soon becomes clear that his music is difficult to place within a single genre.

'I was really inspired by the ethos of the band Refused: That as musicians we should be playing at the edge of our ability, and pushing the boundaries of our music at all times: Otherwise, we're not playing the kind of music we should be. It's always stuck with me, and it frames how I write music today.'

Isaac's debut EP, Entertainment, is a testament to this ethos with it's rich, often unconventional chords choices, underpinning the record throughout. It also showcases his remarkable multi-instrumentalist talent; he played every note of every instrument, also mixing the recording himself.
Having been backed by Under-Wraps Management he's gone on to support acoustic greats such as Jon Gomm, Nick Harper, and Beth Orton in her new acoustic band. Isaac is now booking concerts up and down the UK for a major tour in support of the release.

'Beautiful guitar arrangements woven into amazing songs. Recommended!' Jon Gomm

'One of the most original guitarists & singer-songwriters we've come across. Sonically somewhere in between Jimmy Eat World & American Football.' All About Acoustic Magazine

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